Our Story

Twine & Tumbleweeds is a business I have wanted to start for a very long time.  So long that I can’t think back that far. I remember spending time in the garage with my mom cutting wood, building and painting. As I grew older, married and had children of my own, I struggled to find the time to create the things I dreamed of, and put it off to the side. Now that our children are older, my husband and I have seemed to come full circle – focusing more on family, our home improvements and our individual hobbies.

I love DIY, and typically when I see something that I like, I say, “Hey! I can do that!!” Inevitably, that means my darling husband Adam, aka “HandyHubs” is going to be right there alongside me. Whether we are building furniture pieces, upcycling old relics from our local favorite second-hand stops, or remodeling areas of our home – we are constantly busy.

We have been blessed to live in the same home for over ten years and raise two amazing boys. One is twenty-one years old now attending college down the highway from us. The other is enjoying the ups and downs of High School. While we don’t currently have the farmhouse that we (or me mostly) have always dreamed of, our home is still an animal house. With three fur babies and a leopard gecko, life is never boring.

Blessed to both have full-time jobs that we love, our various projects bring us closer together and keep life interesting. While we realize Tumbleweed may never be a “Magnolia Farms” super business, we look forward to many years of junking and building.

Thanks for visiting us!

Merideth & Adam