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Antique Door Queen Headboard

Antique Door Queen Headboard
Antique Door Headboard

I am just bursting a the seams to share with you all what we did this weekend!!!! I designed a queen size headboard for our bedroom from a very heavy antique door and HandyHubs put it all together for me. Here’s how it all went down:

This was a six-panel solid door cut down to fit a queen bed, please see the dimensions below. There are several different ways to accomplish turning an old or new paneled door into a headboard. I’ve seen so many. I was intrigued by the idea of just building it and hanging it on the wall, with out any legs and considered going that route. Since I needed an entire new bed frame, I devised a plan: if I started with the headboard, HandyHubs would see the benefit in building a base too (more on that later…). 

To accomplish a queen side headboard that attaches to a bed frame, we added 2×4 supports to each end under the door, then framed the 3 sides out with 1x4s. I picked out some beautiful embellished molding and added crown molding along with a 1×6 at the top. We then wood glued, air nailed, and sealed up all crevices.

For the first coat, I used General Finishes Empire Gray paint. Then here and there painted with Vintage Market Chateau to add some dimension. I topped it all off with two thin coats of Dixie Bell Fluff. After I applied my last coat of chalk paint, I gave it a light sanding, which makes the chalk paint velvety soft and smooth. For my distressing on this piece I decided to use a wet distressing technique so that the under coat of paint would show through, but not the wood. To do this, I simply took one of my cotton t-shirt rags and moistened it with water, then rubbed it here and there until I achieved the desired effect. 

The panels and molding were dressed up with Dixie Bell Grunge Glaze;  the funnest part! I applied the glaze on the inner edges of each panel, across the fancy molding and along the trim edges. Two coats of Dixie Bell Gator Hide were applied for the finishing touch to help protect all this work for the long run. I am positively in with my new custom headboard!!! 

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